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Marcy Avenue

Brooklyn, NY (2001 - 2003)

This 50-Unit residence for mentally-ill clients, funded by NY State, is sited on a corner lot in Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn. The majority of the studio units are located in a three storey volume which is elevated on columns above the communal spaces on the ground floor. These ground floor public areas are concieved as a single generous room connecting the garden and the street and are articulated by cabinetry elements and columns. A lower volume containing the remainder of the apartments along the street side of the site extends the scale of the existing brick rowhouse fabric. This smaller scaled massing allows southern light into the garden, and interlocks with the avenue volume to turn the corner.

Marcy Avenue is one of a family of six new supportive housing residences which have similar building programs and share a common feature: they all adapt to irregular 'remnant' urban sites.

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