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Music Mountain

Performance Center

New York, NY (1996 - 1997)


This project is for a new student performance center to expand the facilities of the oldest chamber music festival in the US. The site for the new center is along a heavily wooded hill which rises behind the existing campus of loosely organized 1930's Sear's Kit buildings.

The new milti-functioning building serves as temporary living quarters, practice studios, and box seating for the music students attending a series of two-week summer sessions. Each 9' x 10' living unit in the arc contains a pull-down bed, closet and large casement window opening to an unobstructed view of the stage, and functions as practice room during the day, bedroom at night, and viewing box during performances. Bathrooms and showers are located at the arc extremities, as are the round stair towers. The stage building accomodates a variety of performance requirements: flaps are hinged out for 'bandshell' use, or are slid back to create a deep space for dance and theater. When not used for performances, the backstage area functions as dining room with adjacent warming pantry. Construction would be of a glue-lam system, tongue-and-groove wood siding and plank floors.

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