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New York, NY (1993 - 1994)

Playspace is a 5,200 s.f. indoor playground for kids 2-6 years old. This privately run facility is not a drop-off or day-care center. The parents stay on site and play with their children, or sit in the cafe/theater and watch. This scheme revolves around a series of set pieces including the cafe/theater and vaious built-in play environments. The raised cafe area, a 'porch' to the playground area, transforms to a theater with the removal of the banner rail. The curtain comes down from a rececessed slot in the proscenium arch. During performances, children gather to watch from the floor and from the playground balconies. The bathroom 'huts' become stage props from here set under the fabric ceiling 'sky'. The interior finishes include plywood cabinetry with analine dye, glazed paint and murals, and rubber floor tiles. The architectural design is concieved as a watercolor background for children with frames of different types; windows, stages, and streets, "setting the table" for various activities.

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