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Calvary Church Intergenerational Housing

Brooklyn, NY (2014 - )

This mixed-use seven-story building is sited on the corner of St. Johns Place and Buffalo Avenue in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, a mostly African-American neighborhood currently contending with issues of gentrification. A perforated brick screen wall on the facade facing Buffalo Avenue brings modulated light into the church program spaces distributed within cellar, ground and second floors, including a double height sanctuary space. The stage of the sanctuary is illuminated from above via a skylight set within the second floor garden. This garden is seen as the building's "outdoor living room", and connects the various public functions of the building with the housing units configured along its edges. The sanctuary space is designed to allow a variety of programs from Sunday services, wedding celebrations, and dance classes to free Thanksgiving meals for underserved neighbors. Ground floor retail locks the multi-use program into the neighborhood's ground floor fabric, while seventh floor terraces provide expansive views towards the west and south.

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